Ali  Tavousi

Ali Tavousi

Founder & CEO at LIOtejarat
Ilam, Iran
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I am looking for global entrepreneurship and connect with big entrepreneurs to build a better world. and Turning ideas into money to serve the people.
LIO Tejarat is a newly established company dedicated to the activities of global markets (servicing, export and import)
And the expansion of the sale of new products, especially knowledge-based products, in order to help sell innovative products for inventors and create a global platform for entrepreneurship, expand trade between different countries, and facilitate international trade.
Services on Buy/Sell basis and Export Consultancy Services to the manufacturers.
sales, marketing, customer support, documentations, quality control, etc.

My vision: A better world, the peace and friendship of the communities, Entrepreneurship for all human in the world,
Facebook: Ali_Tavousi
Instagram : Ali_tavousi1987


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