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Allen Witters

Allen Witters

CEO at Gravitas Infinitum
Naples, Florida, United States
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Digital Advisor to Fortune 1000 Boardrooms on Cyber-security, Transformation, the next impact to the Fortune 1000

Cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, M2M, IoT and Platforms of all flavors.
• Led private and public companies - from Early Stage to Successful Exit. Businesses representing diverse industries with operations and distribution in domestic and international markets. Brought major brand licenses to LED Lighting, Electronics markets.
• Managed operations in 135 countries. Familiar with business practices and social customs in Japan, China, South America, Europe, Middle East and Soviet Republic. Maintained political contacts/relationships within six major countries.
• Led multiple corporate development transactions and deals ranging in value - from $1 million to $9 billion (e.g., contracts, venture capital, M&A, IPO, convertible preferred stock, equity/debt financings, equipment financings, divestitures) - and managed several post-acquisition business transition and integrations.


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