Andrea von Roth

Andrea von Roth

CEO at Moneda Management Bancorp
Chonchi, Región de Los Lagos, Chile
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Andrea von Roth is a former WTA tennis player, Economist and holds a MOF (Management of the future) degree from London Business School. She has been working more than 20 years setting up Offshore Banks and Financial Institutions worldwide. She held a number of strategic positions at the top-tier Worldwide Offshore Providers, such as Red Sea Management, Slogold, Overseas Clearing Corporation, Global Money Inc, and many others.

Her passions are Economics, where she adheres to the Austrian School of Economics. In relation with Management and Business Ideas she loves the disruptive, radical vision of Tom Peters, and in Personal Development she has been sharing thoughts with Tony Robbins, Steven Siebold, and many other great coaches.

Her long partnership with leading Asset Managers, Hedge Fund Leaders, such as Ray Dalio,Tim Ferriss Michael Maloney, and many others,gave her a deep knowledge, experience and understanding of the financial markets and their trends and patterns.


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