Antonio Diaz

Managing Director at Anahuac Consulting Group
Toluca, México, Mexico
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We are a Business Consulting that operates at the National Level for 18 years; conformed by professional consultants and specialists in its field with a strong orientation to growth.

We have 2 own projects, which I describe right away

Ataudes Anahuac (Anahuac Coffins): We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of coffins and various products for the funeral industry, with the highest standards of quality and innovative designs.

Our workshops are located in the state of Hidalgo and we have an exhibition hall in the city of Toluca, with exclusive attention to funerals.

Anahuac Funeral Services: We are a hundred percent Mexican company, with extensive experience in the funeral industry.

We work hard to offer, with humane and warm treatment, the best solutions to the needs of our customers, always guaranteeing their full sat


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