Austin Kuehl

CEO at Kuehl Apple repair
Charles City, Iowa, United States
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We buy broken and cracked Apple devices any condition.

Any iPhone.
Any MacBook.
Any iMac.
Any iPod.
Any iPad.
Any Apple TV.
Any Apple Watch
Any apple, you can think of

We do 4 month layaway if you late on your payment then you have to pay in full.

We will give you online receipt when you pay off your Device

We charge every 7 percent of purchase if you used credit card

We sell android device
We sell apple device
We sell beats
We sell Bose
We sell game system
We sell game contoller
We sell video game
We sell other item

(any trade in)
Game, system, contoller, apple device, beats, Bose, android device, other item

(1 month free warranty or $10 for months)

(Kuehl Apple repair pages)

(your Apple device trade in)


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