BJ Sveistrup

BJ Sveistrup

CEO at Invoice Factoring Solutions
Auckland, New Zealand
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Greetings, I’m BJ Sveistrup.

I’m an Entrepreneur in Auckland, New Zealand.

My background is in Digital Marketing with a strong Financial Focus. I was a Co-Founder of Gopher, an award-winning company that managed many thousands of companies online presence across 7+ countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

I was primarily responsible for driving Sales, Managing, and growing Cashflow and building the systems that surround Cash Management for a business on a super-fast growth curve.

I view Cashflow as the lifeblood of any business and as such has an Invoice Factoring business which helps business on the growth curve solve and manage Cashflow. Co-Running an 8-figure business with staff across borders helped me develop a wide range of skills; Sales, Accounts Receivable Management, Accounting, Digital Marketing, IT and Management, I look forward to bringing these skills to the Insurance and Financial Services Industry.

I am married to Francesca with 2 young kids, Autumn and Blake-Johann. I


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