Blas Atencio

Blas Atencio

CEO at Jugaad DHO
Madrid, Spain
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I am a detail oriented person, driven, and strategic. Since I was little I was always taught to work to get the things I wanted, to strive and to be optimistic about life. In my work experience I have been known for having a positive attitude, looking for and identifying opportunities of improvement, and designing and executing actions in favor of process optimization.

We, JUGAAD, are a team of entrepreneurs dedicated to positively influence the achievement of the purpose of other companies, through innovative solutions of Human Organizational Development (or known by others as Human Resources).

Our main areas of contribution are:

+ Specialized Headhunting in the IT industry
+ Diagnosis of the level of Organizational Wellbeing, Design & Implementation of strategies
+ Consulting on the creation & implementation of Mission, Vision, and Corporate Values
+ Individual, Group, and Managerial Coaching
+ Design & implementation of Work Plans and Management Indicators (KPI's)


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