Bobby Gene Biggs Jr

Bobby Gene Biggs Jr

CEO at BGzDInc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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Bobby Genez Denim Inc. is currently hosting a crowd funding campaign offering samples of BGzDInc products in exchange for your contributions by a host of sponsors such as SnapTee while introducing BGzDInc to trendsetters in the United States market. The business has a strong market position and a coherent strategy. It has established clear steps to achieve its objective of after twenty four months of crowd funding and completing the P.A.S.S. auxiliary program of the social security administration with the help and support of Love Ones, NAMI, DWD-DVR, Independence 1st, customers, sponsors, investors and peer supports. Corporate goals include; establishing BGzDInc. as C corporate brand with not only a online presence with a world wide online marketing strategy, but also a store front location with manufacturing options with in the next five years.