Carlos Kruger

Carlos Kruger

Owner at KeyIdea
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

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Carlos Krüger - KeyIdea CEO.

MSEE, with 32y SoC design experience from specification to silicon. Leading SoC projects for Telecom, Automotive and Silicon Photonics markets.

KeyIdea CEO, managing projects from US customers being developed by Brazilian designers.

BrPhotonics DSP Integration leader and microelectronics coordinator of Silicon Photonics and ASIC integration.

Freescale SoC Integration Leader, designing multi core micro-controllers for automotive marketing.

IDEA! Electronics Systems company founder, developed the SoC portfolio, worked at Mitel foundry office in California.

Worked at CSELT in Turin, designing an ISDN Telecom IP.

Headed the SoC design pilot project for the Japan market entrance. Delivered the right solution following customer´s methodology, culture, expectations and quality metrics allowing Freescale design wins in Japan, SoC taped out on 2015. Freescale university program speaker for IC Design classes. Leader of first Freescale Stacked die MCU design.


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