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Casper Badenhorst

Casper Badenhorst

CEO at DocuFuse LTD
Wellington, New Zealand

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Actual experience across the span of my career has taught me that my values as an individual comes down to the following principles:

- Keep the big picture – at all times, and when needed, dive into detail.
- Follow the “KISS” principle and know that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” (Einstein). Less is more.
- Talking without doing, is like living without breathing.
- Doing the right thing is sometimes more critical, and important, than doing things “right”.
- Run towards the danger and keep calm
- In the end, it is about people and them reaching their goals.
- Be a visionary. Dream big. Take the leap.
- Make “Out of the box” your comfort zone.
- Your word is your bond.
- Your character is what you are known by.


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