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CJ Rapp

CJ Rapp

Founder & CEO at 1 Click Solutions, LCC
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Holistic Digital marketing approach and methods developer for comprehensive online solutions of every type that achieve superior results and higher RIO.

A website without good SEO is worthless, on-page SEO must be included with every website design/build. Great SEO must have great social media marketing and must be covered with off-page SEO keyword campaigns. Blogging is an excellent way to create keyword rich, relevant content for broad distribution to drive traffic to a website. Email marketing still works, if done right and is well optimized for mobile devices. Mobile proximity market to drive new business into the door for brick and mortar businesses is now critical and more effective than PPC/SEM campaigns, and has a higher value based on the cost and ROI!

The holistic/comprehensive work done at an agency level is better for most business owners so they can focus on their core business, passion, and profits and no longer be a digital marketing project manager.


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