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Douglas McManus

Douglas McManus

CEO at Zinc Group Ltd
Coventry, England, United Kingdom
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Established in 2008 the Zinc Group Ltd is now a well-established and respected company servicing clients in the areas of Debt Recovery, BPO and early Credit Management intervention. Zinc operates at the very highest level of customer care and was an early adopter of the six outcomes as outlined by the FCA in relation to TCF.
We believe that Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is such a major part of the ethos and culture of our business. TCF is now embedded and a part of our DNA.
From the initial induction training through the continuous TCF training and coaching programs the TCF culture is instilled across the business, in posters, leaflets and in all sessions with staff.
At the heart of our business is the statement "TCF not because we have been told to because we want to"
Zinc has invested heavily in its People and Technology to ensure it is a leading edge company that can provide an innovative service that meets the individual needs of all its client base.


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