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Edward Lott

Edward Lott

CEO at ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc.
Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
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Edward Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A. is president and managing partner of Allentown-based ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., a search and digital marketing agency that offers clients total local search marketing and interactive media solutions.

Ed has been a digital entrepreneur since 1994, having discovered very early the opportunities the Internet offered. After having spent over two decades helping attorneys grow their practice, Ed joined the staff of ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing as President and Managing Partner, where he is expanding the agency’s cutting-edge services to the legal market.

A true marketing futurist, Ed's vast experience working directly with attorneys has given him a unique perspective on law firm marketing not found in many other digital marketing agencies. Ed has reshaped the offerings of ForLawFirms Only to focus on growing law firms through a holistic approach to digital marketing evident in the reformulated lead generation processes now in place.


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