Federico Kroupensky

Federico Kroupensky

Regional Sales Manager at Odilo TID
Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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In Odilo we have the mission to help any Government, company or organization to manage their knowledge and to provide a digital content service for their internal use or for that of their users or clients without having to make investments in technology or subscribe multiple agreements of distribution.
Odilo has a powerful tool for improving reading comprehension in children and adolescents. We are currently working with governments in Latin America and Europe, helping to improve standards.
We also contribute to bring culture and digital content to people.
Odilo is a private company with offices in Spain, USA, Argentina, Mexico specialized in digital content and in library and archival solutions.
Odilo's technology network allows users from 43 countries to access digital content, changing the way it is consumed. We offer innovative solutions and take special care of the quality and design of our products, making them easy to use and respond to the needs of our customers.


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