Guido Sluijsmans

Guido Sluijsmans

Co-Founder & CEO at SD-Insights
Delft, South Holland, Netherlands
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Since september 2015 I'm Co Founder and CEO of SD-Insights. SD-Insights' mission is to reduce traffic accidents towards zero. Therefore we offer an innovative digital driver training to support drivers to improve their driving skills.
SD-Insights is winner of the ANWB price of NewVenture 2014-2015, winner of the Rotterdam Mobility Lab and in 2018 we won the SensysGatso Challenge at the Intertraffic. SD-Insights is incubated at Yes!Delft, the worldwide no 2 business accellorators related to Universities.

Before I worked at TNO - a research technology organization - in several roles. His latest role was business consultant behaviour and mobility, pushing TNO's activities on behaviour, both divers' and mobility behaviour. I'm strong in vision, creating new initiatives, collaborating with partners and getting things done.


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