Harish Navuluru

Harish Navuluru

HR Director at ArthaYantra
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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Harish Navuluru is Core Team member & AVP – Human Resources of ArthaYantra, the World’s only full services Robo Advisor. He has been part of the core team at ArthaYantra since 5 years and has played vital roles in leading ArthaYantra from a fledgling FinTech startup to be recognized as one of the most innovative technology companies in the world. From being a Red Herring Global Top 100 winner to being selected as a Cool Vendor by Gartner, ArthaYantra has over 200,000 registered users from 700 locations in India, apart from 30 countries in just over a little over 5 years, making it the largest Financial Advisor in India.
At ArthaYantra, Harish has donned many hats like Client Servicing, Digital Marketing, blogging on Personal Finance, maintaining the website, apart from managing the critical Human Resources function.
Over a career spanning 23 years, Harish has been associated with global firms like Deloitte & ADP and helped them in their early stage growth in India.


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