Jenny Shao

Department Manager at Tradesparq
Shanghai, China
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Jenny Shao graduated in Nanjing Normal University, specialized in bushiness English. Four years study lays a solid foundation of both oral english and written english. During school time, she has rich experience of so many part time jobs, such as saleswoman of Haier , tutor of primary students.

In her former job, she work as a leader in information center, lead her team to do daily work—to search the accurate information of oversea buyers and assist the development of the project. Give out the assignment to the group members according to their respective advantages, coordinate with the cooperate departments to insure that the project can be finished in time. Besides call to foreign customers to confirm their specific procurement needs, and then recommend domestic cooperate suppliers to them, and send the market information and credit report to them. Help to hold the 4 purchasing fairs , invite our foreign customer and arrange the schedule for them