Kostas Leinas

Kostas Leinas

Co-Founder & CEO at Virgilliant
Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece
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I graduated from the Agricultural University of Athens, department of Biotechnology in Agricultural Science, in 2010. After completing my military services, I have taken action in managing of my family's business of processed food, until 2014. During my activation there, I have developed personal skills, such as working in a team, communicating with customers and dealing with suppliers as well, managing employers and inspire them, so to take 100% of what they could give, while keeping them satisfied at the same time.
In 2015, after cultivating my idea for about a year and inspired of my passion for healthy lifestyle I have created Virgilliant, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil company with a primary purpose. That is, to connect the Mediterranean traditional eating habits with the modern way of life, in modern societies.


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