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Leaper Liao

Leaper Liao

Co-Founder & CEO at Totem Tech
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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This is Leaper from Totem & Toman. I have been working in auto electronics industry( gps tracking, Tyre pressure monitoring, software engineering ) about 10 years since I graduated in 2006. I have grown to be a top sales with communications skills together electronics hardware and software developing knowledge. I learned much professional knowledge about hardware and software in the businesses experiences and from my colleagues and also from after 8-hours-work time(I mean my plenty of nights :) ).

As an enthusiastic sales, i want to support my clients like technical support also. As a general manager, i want to ensure the growth of company and continuous technical innovation in correct way and market-oriented. As a team leader, I want to control everything runs effectively and actively, team members can contribute their potential in their own roles.


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