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LT Ladino Bryson

LT Ladino Bryson

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Tempe, Arizona, United States
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I'm known as the “Employment Therapist.” I am an experienced C-Level Executive and Entrepreneur, I have been recruiting since 2012 and has placed more than 600 candidates. As the owner of Clique Hiring Solutions, I have worked permanent, contract, and labor searches for C-Level to general labor positions for clients such as MSC Direct, Red Ventures, Tesla, Sharp Business Systems and others in the IT, healthcare, engineering, accounting, creative services, and hospitality industries.

While building my recruiting firm, I realized that there were several miss steps in the online recruiting tools for small to medium staffing businesses. All were too costly and the leading job boards sold subscriptions to both employers and recruiters. They were double dipping.

So I created Our platform gets candidates past the gatekeepers and recruiters have an enterprise-like all-in-one recruiting tool to search for pre-screened candidates.


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