Mahir Abdi

Mahir Abdi

Founder & CEO at Virtualstacks Systems
Lake Mary, Florida, United States
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The industry standard is to develop innovative, yet independent solutions. There lacked a synergy between processes and products. So, Mahir set out to create an ecosystem that "did it all" and bridged the many standalone "solutions" into one cohesive platform.

With a background in electrical engineering, Mahir founded MKB Technology in 2003. An independent distributor of IT products, MKB quickly became a go-to resource for B2B and B2C companies wanted reliable in-house data storage solutions.

But as the cloud storage movement gained strength, the need for an ecosystem that would build a bridge between the numbers of cloud-based SaaS emerging on the market grew as well.
In 2012, Virtual Stacks Systems was founded. A diversified SaaS Infrastructure, powered by OpenStack, Virtual Stacks develops innovative and synergistic solutions for emerging markets.

Today, Virtual Stacks Systems has paved the way for the SaaS platform eZnet ERP, with integrated solutions.


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