Márcia Gigante

Márcia Gigante

Founder & CEO at Márcia Gigante - Concierge, Events & Consulting
Guimarães, Braga, Portugal
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Mother, Wife, Friend & Entrepreneur… Being a mom made me understand the effort that executives and entrepreneurs have when they are trying to achieve the balance between work and family life. My Professional Expertise Areas as an Executive Advisor, External Affairs & Communication and also as Human Resources, I decided to start my own project (Personal Consulting & Concierge), which I am very excited about!
After several analyses, I’ve discovered the shortage of some services, by lack of time, strenuous situations (stress), among many other factors, not only in the private sector but also in the corporate area. As a result I’ve decided to develop Márcia Gigante – CONCIERGE, EVENTS & CONSULTING Services to assist those who are in need in those tasks.
My goal is to achieve market leadership with loyalty and commitment to my clients and partners through operational efficiency, leadership and quality in our performance, providing a good service with social responsibility.


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