Markos Perrakis

Markos Perrakis

Founder & CEO at Fractality
Kifissia, Attica, Greece
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Organizational Development Services and Training for private businesses and organizations wishing to improve the financial and non-financial performance of their human capital.

Maximizing people performance - Using Science of Happiness at Work

By working with leaders, managers and employees, an organization’s capacity to achieve objectives is developed and strengthened.

Specialized methods are applied to enable organizations to tap into feelings, intellect and practices in order to understand paradoxes, resolve conflicts and move towards a positive direction.

Specialties: - Coaching, Training, and Research for Private Organizations
- Appreciative Team building & Appreciative Performance Appraisals
- Leadership development and Team Building to prepare people and organizations for the future
- Facilitating organizations in identifying strategic objectives, improving operations and transforming culture
- Designing, Hosting and Collective Knowledge capturing


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