Mark Seemann

Mark Seemann

Founder & CEO at StaffCircle Ltd
Leicester, England, United Kingdom
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Entrepreneur and product guy responsible for founding and building 4 Cloud and Telecommunication businesses during the last 20 years and instrumental in driving turnarounds by implementing new products that re-energised sales teams and built big value.

Main expertise is in SaaS software product/service design and technical innovations for the Cloud; from conception through to go-to-market strategy, and eventual exit.

Creator of various tech including the UK’s first Telecom web control panel, patented VoIP technology now owned by Cable & Wireless and CloudCall – one of the most integrated and advanced telephony Cloud APIs on the market.

In late 2017 I decided to start building my 4th SaaS startup, StaffCircle.

StaffCircle’s mission is to Engage, Empower and Enhance people at work. StaffCircle is a people engagement and productivity platform that provides omni-channel communication for all desk and non-desk based workers. This enables digitisation of alerts, tasks, awards, training.


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