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Mary Ann Romano

Mary Ann Romano

CEO at Simple Creations Team Building, LLC
Princeton, New Jersey, United States
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Women owned company established for 15 years providing team building, meeting facilitation, corporate retreats/workshops, motivational speaking and company events. Proud to be preferred vendor with leading pharma companies like Novartis, BMS, J&J, Merck, Covance, Otsuka and other Fortune 500 companies.
In 2002, Mary Ann Romano and Teresa V. Kelly shared a common vision and passion for creating energizing and creative team-building events, programs, and meetings. With our corporate training, hands-on experience, and educational backgrounds, we developed a dynamic partnership that is focused on making every event and program fresh, dynamic, and unforgettable.
Facilitation is the art of eliciting new thinking, deeper connections and more constructive conversations in pursuit of agreed outcomes. Meetings are occasions when people come together to get something done, whether it is sharing information or making decisions. We provide leadership without taking the reins.