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Michel Serie

Michel Serie

Owner at Innolifters GmbH
Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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Michel Sérié is the founder of InnoLifters, a company that will help companies to integrate into their way to operate innovative capabilities, so they better face challenges in a world that expects customer adaptiveness. Michel is also Chairman of the Board of GenView (Swiss Technology Start-up).
In his previous role as Global Head of Service Innovation at SAP, Michel’s team was responsible for finding, evaluating and establishing new ways of doing business by improving the Service concept.
Until 2016, 25 years at SAP as a Consultant, Product Manager and Senior Management Positions in various countries (France, Switzerland, Germany) and Lines of Businesses, the last 5 years as Global Head of Service Innovation
He is the Co-author with Tom Sommerlatte (AdLittle) of the Book Innovation Leadership (in German) and the winner of “Best Innovator” 2014 Award from the Zeppelin University (Friedrichshafen)
Michel graduated with a Bachelor of Science (International Management) from the ESB Busin


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