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Neil Van Luven

Neil Van Luven

Founder & CEO at Bretcrown Trading Ltd
London, England, United Kingdom
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Throughout Neil's commercial life, he practised and honed his financial skills in Balance Sheet Optimization helping clients harvest $55 Billion. Neil's first Book - 'Secrets of Balance Sheet Optimization' was Published in May 2014. Amazon ranked it #17 out of their top 100 in its Business Analysis classification. Neil has also written a book on Spread-Betting Crude Oil, based on his experiences. He is a
strategic visionary executive now devoting his time to trading Crude Oil and teaching others how to trade profitably. Versatile professional and hands-on leader who motivates, trains and mentors' employees to drive progress toward project and company milestones achieved through a personal, professional and charismatic approach that commands confidence, trust and respect and utilizes tact and diplomacy.


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