Obvious Nyanda

Owner at EatOut Film Caterers
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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Are you looking for a friendly, professional film location catering company?

If the answer is Yes – Look no Further.

We are South Africa catering based company who will keep your crew nourished, sustained and happy throughout your shoot.

Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town , we are ideally placed to travel all over the South Africa, and beyond to cater for your cast and crew. With over ten years’ experience of film and television catering, we have built a solid reputation on these sound principles:

Excellent Appropriate food options
A Friendly, Calm and Professional Service
Always on time
Realistic prices.
EatOut Film Caterers is one of the few film location catering companies which regularly maintains a four-choice menu, including a fish and a vegetarian dish. Vegans and special dietary needs are taken care of as a matter of course.

Working on the basis that a hungry crew is a grumpy crew, we tailor our menus to suit your daily requirements. Weather, location and any dietary co


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