Pawel Porebski

Pawel Porebski

CEO at Value Point Group
Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
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Group CEO
Value Point Group

Our motto in Value Point is clear"
We sell knowledge but we are getting paid for the results

In Value Point we have decided to combine the unique knowledge of
experts in data analysis, marketing and modeling perception of your company value from the
perspective of managers with over 17 years of experience on executive
level in Sales and Marketing Departments.

Value Point is a company specializing in value management consultancy
dedicated to helping clients to achieve World Class Value Management
competency. We target our services to a variety of industries and both
B2C and B2B markets.

Our market value proposition is generating extra profit from VALUE MANAGEMENT PROCESS.

We support our customers through:
- specialized researches and analysis,
- pricing models,
- advisory on strategic analysis,
- value optimizations and
- effective value communication.


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