Vince Cable

Vince Cable

Owner at Print Thinker - Print Management
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
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Print Thinker was born from the search for flexibility. With so many new technologies emerging, it is no longer acceptable for a company to be limited and after 30+ years in the print and advertising world, our founder Vince Cable, wanted to be able to say YES to his clients. Everytime.

As a result, we really never say no and, in fact, we love the challenge of finding a great print solution. We achieve this by partnering with a large number of personally vetted printers, finishers and manufacturers and selecting them on a job by job basis, making sure they offer the best option for price, quality and delivery. We're also hands on, visiting factories to press pass and keeping a close eye on each job.

Using Print Thinker means you'll have the benefit of knowledge from a time served apprentice, awarded craftsman status, with many years' experience and wide ranging expertise in print finishes and techniques. The team have also worked in advertising and design agencies in London.


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