Australia Manager Rankings

1 - 100

Name/Organization Rank Location
1Pjero Mardesic Pjero Mardesic
Owner at Adictd2grow
1 Goulburn, New South Wales
2Francois Hensley Francois Hensley
Founder & CEO at devi8 consulting
2 Sydney, New South Wales
3Tom Kress Tom Kress
Founder & CEO at Brumby Pumps
3 Perth, Western Australia
4Duncan Buchanan Duncan Buchanan
Founder & CEO at Bonafide Software
4 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
5Luke Freeman Luke Freeman
CEO at Positly
5 Sydney, New South Wales
6Derek Brewer Derek Brewer
CEO at Panache Driver Training
6 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
7Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly
CEO at Noahide Books
7 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
8Kevin Carpenter Kevin Carpenter
CEO at Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd - Bi-Tron Australia
8 Brisbane, Queensland
9Craig Johns Craig Johns
CEO at NRG2Perform
9 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
10Adam Dobson Adam Dobson
CEO at Stampp
10 Sydney, New South Wales
11Chris Pilat Chris Pilat
CEO at Cool Pool Care P/L
11 Brisbane, Queensland
12Frances Eaton Frances Eaton
Owner at Eaton & Associates
12 Perth, Western Australia
13PK Gupta PK Gupta
13 Adelaide, South Australia
14Mo Kader Mo Kader
CEO at Consultica Worldwide Management Consultants
14 Sydney, New South Wales
15Eamonn Barrett Eamonn Barrett
Partner at Remi A.I
15 Sydney, New South Wales
16Ashar Jamil Ashar Jamil
Co-Founder & CEO at Digitally Up
16 Adelaide, South Australia
17Annette Drenth Annette Drenth
Consulting Advisor at Asolutions
17 Perth, Western Australia
18Warwick Shirreff Warwick Shirreff
Director at Lawson Business Training
18 Melbourne, Victoria
19Susanne Peet Susanne Peet
Founder & CEO at Southern Forest Events
19 Manjimup, Western Australia
20Leigh Cowan Leigh Cowan
CEO at Leadership Empowerment
20 Sydney, New South Wales
21Joanne Meneghetti Joanne Meneghetti
CEO at One Compass Pty Ltd
21 Melbourne, Victoria
22 Claudio Pellegrino
Founder & CEO at Mobbido
22 Sydney, New South Wales
23Adrian Robinson Adrian Robinson
Managing Director at Azure HR
23 Perth, Western Australia
24 Aaron Whyte
CEO at Mebites
24 Gold Coast, Queensland
25Gabrielle McBriarty Gabrielle McBriarty
Founder at My Care Solution
25 Adelaide, South Australia
26Benjamin  Kelso Benjamin Kelso
Managing Partner at Kelford Management
26 Brisbane, Queensland
27Stephen Prince Stephen Prince
Founder & CEO at Lifecycle Innovations
27 Sydney, New South Wales
28David Deane-Spread David Deane-Spread
Founder at Metattude
28 Perth, Western Australia
29 Lucjan Roczniak
Founder & CEO at BTC Mining World Pty Ltd
29 Melbourne, Victoria
30Newman Emanouel Newman Emanouel
CEO at Business Help Desk
30 Sydney, New South Wales
31Imtiaz Shah Imtiaz Shah
CEO at MediaClick Online Success
31 Sydney, New South Wales
32Peter Brawn Peter Brawn
Owner at Brawn Trading Co.
32 Sydney, New South Wales
33Bernard Jones Bernard Jones
Managing Director at IMPACT Corporate Training
33 Gold Coast, Queensland
34 Cam Curdie
CEO at Ubookr
34 Sydney, New South Wales
35Toby Osmond Toby Osmond
CEO at
35 Perth, Western Australia
36 Brian Schultink
Managing Director at Ham Digital Pty Ltd
36 Perth, Western Australia
37 Colin Cardwell
37 Sydney, New South Wales
38Jim Rains Jim Rains
CEO at Rains & Associates Pty Ltd
38 Sydney, New South Wales
39Nigel Smith Nigel Smith
Managing Director at Focused QA Consulting International Pty Ltd
39 Sydney, New South Wales
40Sarah  Aly Sarah Aly
Managing Director at Mellow Picks
40 Melbourne, Victoria
41Steve Gregory Steve Gregory
CEO at 246
41 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
42Hans Sauer Hans Sauer
Managing Director at Clearguard Pty Ltd
42 Perth, Western Australia
43Steve Gye Steve Gye
CEO at Gander news Network
43 Wollongong, New South Wales
44Adam Parris Adam Parris
Founder & CEO at Searching for Value
44 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
45Chisenga Katongo Chisenga Katongo
Owner at Diamond Chain Media
45 Perth, Western Australia
46Ray Whaling Ray Whaling
General Manager at POPES Electrical & Data Supplies
46 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
47Daewon Lee Daewon Lee
CEO at BridgingAsia
47 Brisbane, Queensland
48Michael Oakley Michael Oakley
Owner at At Your Service ICT
48 Adelaide, South Australia
49 Anwar Osman
CEO at Risklink Management Systems Pry Ltd
49 Sydney, New South Wales
50Edward Bonel Edward Bonel
CEO at Strategy & Execution Advisors
50 Brisbane, Queensland
51Lannah Sawers-Diggins Lannah Sawers-Diggins
Artist at Red Dust Dreams
51 Perth, Western Australia
52 Terry Crews
Founder at Gabriel Health Systems Pty Ltd
52 Melbourne, Victoria
53 Lindsay McLeod
President at 246
53 Perth, Western Australia
54 Lulu Munalula
54 Perth, Western Australia
55 Paul Barker
CEO at Barker Lifestyle Creations Pty Ltd
55 Brisbane, Queensland
56 Melissa Neville
CEO at Missy's Magic Styles
56 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
57 Kishor Raj Aryal
Director at Australian Nursing and Training Services
57 Sydney, New South Wales
58 Fariborz Hatam
Founder & CEO at FHSI Architects
58 Perth, Western Australia
59 Jaye Williams
CEO at Jayes mobile hairdressing & wedding creations
59 Perth, Western Australia
60 Rohan Dhooria
CEO at Private
60 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
61 owla essso
CEO at company one
61 Adelaide, South Australia
62 Richie Robinson
Founder & CEO at Creative Cycle Method
62 Adelaide, South Australia
63 Greg W. Choong
Managing Partner at Merry Maids Australia
63 Adelaide, South Australia
64 Fatema Khanbhai
CEO at The Chai Room
64 Sydney, New South Wales
65 Rob Fischer
Marketing Director at Sintelix
65 Adelaide, South Australia
66 Sanjay Kumar
CEO at Coast n Around Upholstery Services
66 Gold Coast, Queensland
67 Russell Pantlin
67 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
68 Jacorine Mare
Owner at Dressed to be Blessed
68 Bunbury, Western Australia
69 Ross Merlino
CEO at Merlino Furniture Imports
69 Perth, Western Australia
70 Liz Cronje
Managing Partner at Chartfords
70 Brisbane, Queensland
71 Jeromine Alpe
CEO at Corporate Diversity Pathways Pty Ltd
71 Sydney, New South Wales
72 Marg Peachey
President at ACT Wildlife Inc
72 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
73 Stephen Wolstenholme
CEO at JRS Longreach Holdings Pty Ltd
73 Sydney, New South Wales
74 Nicole Fella
HR Team Leader at PUMA Australia Pty. Ltd.
74 Melbourne, Victoria
75 Patrick Albina
Founder & Managing Director at Quintessential Consulting Pty Ltd
75 Brisbane, Queensland
76 Ralph Vossenberg
Managing Partner at Executive Consulting Group
76 Brisbane, Queensland
77 John Grohovaz
Director at EMJ Consulting Pty Ltd
77 Perth, Western Australia
78 Nathan Burraston
Director at Loanr pty ltd T/as Loanr
78 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
79 Eby Mathew
CEO at Accelerate Business Performance
79 Perth, Western Australia
80 Elizabeth Boyd
Account Manager at Engag3d Pty Ltd
80 Brisbane, Queensland
81 Russell Hogan
Managing Director at Margies Big Day Out
81 Perth, Western Australia
82 Rowan Tombs
Strategy Consultant at App Boxer
82 Sydney, New South Wales
83 Michael Midis
Managing Director at Lumina Technologies Pty Ltd
83 Sydney, New South Wales
84 Mark Edwy-Smith
CEO at Netcorp Buumerang Travel
84 Perth, Western Australia
85 Adrian Sommerville
Director at 4wards Consulting
85 Perth, Western Australia
86 Daniel Rowe
Founder & CEO at AED Construction
86 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
87 Doug Downer
CEO at The Alternative Board
87 Sydney, New South Wales
88 Narin Bhandari
CEO at SourceTheCourse
88 Sydney, New South Wales
89 Graeme Ridler
CEO at RMG Business Growth Solutions
89 Brisbane, Queensland
90 Nik Csongor
Director at Leading Projects Consultancy Group
90 Sydney, New South Wales
91 Aline Nassar
CEO at Stochos
91 Sydney, New South Wales
92 Gehan De Silva
CEO at Magnapath
92 Brisbane, Queensland
93 Eliza Mendis
CEO at Stereliza
93 Brisbane, Queensland
94 Bruce Chapman
CEO at Bruce Chapman
94 Brisbane, Queensland
95 Daniel Slattery
Founder & CEO at Orizonta Pty Limited
95 Sydney, New South Wales
96 Neil Henderson
CEO at Weststate Private Hospital
96 Melbourne, Victoria
97 Charbel Rehbane
Owner at AWA waterproofing
97 Sydney, New South Wales
98 Iain Baron
Director at Post-Tensioning Institute of Australia
98 Brisbane, Queensland
99 Errol Rink
Senior Consultant at Kadimah property group
99 Melbourne, Victoria
100 David Pichanick
Director at Junttan
100 Brisbane, Queensland