Canada Manager Rankings

1 - 100

Name/Organization Rank Location
1Tom Grbich Tom Grbich
President at Leading for Success
1 Calgary, Alberta
2Chris Setien Chris Setien
CEO at 19
2 Montreal, Quebec
3Natan Verkhovsky Natan Verkhovsky
CEO at Disty Portal Inc.
3 Montreal, Quebec
4Wael Chanab Wael Chanab
President at IMAGINE360
4 Montreal, Quebec
5Patrick Nadeau Patrick Nadeau
Vice President at Productivity Innovations Inc.
5 Ottawa, Ontario
6Louis Bernard Louis Bernard
CEO at Bernard Mining & Metallurgy
6 Toronto, Ontario
7Catherine Gervais Catherine Gervais
President at Printing Raccoon
7 Montreal, Quebec
8Wadley Cadet Wadley Cadet
CEO at Wawastyle Group Inc
8 Ottawa, Ontario
9Shannon Ferguson Shannon Ferguson
CEO at FanSaves
9 Ottawa, Ontario
10Chris Wilton Chris Wilton
President at JC Wilton
10 Toronto, Ontario
11Randy Ansems Randy Ansems
11 Halifax, Nova Scotia
12Basel Housein Basel Housein
CEO at BH Design Agency
12 Calgary, Alberta
13David Thistle David Thistle
Vice President at Devencore - Commercial Real Estate Advisors
13 Vancouver, British Columbia
14Wanda Davis Wanda Davis
Owner at Elements
14 London, Ontario
15Satya Chaisson Satya Chaisson
Founder at The Techie Tribe
15 Halifax, Nova Scotia
16Laddel Edwards Laddel Edwards
CEO at Crypto mining and Investments (CMI)
16 Greater Sudbury, Ontario
17Scott Bradley Scott Bradley
CEO at Global Retail Solutions Group
17 Toronto, Ontario
18Benoit De Grace Benoit De Grace
CEO at PMC - Project Management Centre Inc.
18 Montreal, Quebec
19Rob Elkington Rob Elkington
CEO at Global Leadership Initiatives, Inc.
19 Toronto, Ontario
20Kendra Lariviere Kendra Lariviere
Owner at Accounting By Design Consulting
20 Winnipeg, Manitoba
21Nader Daou Nader Daou
Vice President at
21 Pointe-Claire, Quebec
22Hani Abdou Hani Abdou
22 Ottawa, Ontario
23Joel Muzard Joel Muzard
Founder & CEO at Apply Intelligence Atelier
23 Montreal, Quebec
24Adrian Bolosin Adrian Bolosin
CEO at Anekdotes
24 Longueuil, Quebec
25Bruce  Baker Bruce Baker
CEO at Workplaces
25 Edmonton, Alberta
26Patrick d'Astous Patrick d'Astous
CEO at d'Astous Groupe Conseil inc.
26 Saint-Lambert, Quebec
27Gilles Brouillette Gilles Brouillette
Founder at Transformational Learning Institute
27 Prévost, Quebec
28Robert S. Vibert Robert S. Vibert
CEO at Segura Solutions Inc
28 Ottawa, Ontario
29Devan Nambiar Devan Nambiar
Founder & CEO at Global Health Integrative Science
29 Toronto, Ontario
30Sydney Wong Sydney Wong
CEO at VenturX
30 Montreal, Quebec
31Adam Torpey Adam Torpey
Director of Sales at Vision Travel Solutions
31 Calgary, Alberta
32Yvonne Wilchewski Yvonne Wilchewski
Owner at River City Financial
32 Edmonton, Alberta
33Deven Winters Deven Winters
Founder & CEO at Revenant Game Studio
33 Montreal, Quebec
34Jarred Risling Jarred Risling
34 Edmonton, Alberta
35James Gingerich James Gingerich
Director at Expeflow Inc.
35 Waterloo, Ontario
36Pierre Mantha Pierre Mantha
CEO at t.h.e. & COMPANY
36 Mississauga, Ontario
37Denys Cherkasov Denys Cherkasov
CEO at Fintegro Company Inc.
37 Montreal, Quebec
38James A. Hayward James A. Hayward
Founder & CEO at ArmourProtective Coatings INC.
38 Toronto, Ontario
39Hassan Kassi Hassan Kassi
39 Montreal, Quebec
40Joe Strang Joe Strang
CEO at The Showcase Group
40 Calgary, Alberta
41Alan  Durston Alan Durston
VP of Business Development & Operations at McCOR Management
41 Edmonton, Alberta
42Maria Pereira Maria Pereira
Managing Partner at Juuva
42 Edmonton, Alberta
43Mark Liss Mark Liss
CEO at SASG - Strategic Advisory Services Group
43 Toronto, Ontario
44Louis Fortin Louis Fortin
President at Actualisation IDH inc.
44 Montreal, Quebec
45Roberto Fabris Roberto Fabris
Founder & CEO at Physique Intelligence
45 Montreal, Quebec
46Micah Verceles Micah Verceles
CEO at Metro Van Mortgages | Micah Verceles
46 Vancouver, British Columbia
47Andre Scratch Andre Scratch
Estimator at Fraser Shingling & Exteriors
47 Edmonton, Alberta
48 Ryan Ethan
CEO at Betlycoin
48 Winnipeg, Manitoba
49 Robert C Lacombe
President at RCL Medical Equipment / SOS Technologies
49 Longueuil, Quebec
50David Towler David Towler
CEO at Creative Organizational Design
50 Waterloo, Ontario
51Glenn Morell Glenn Morell
CEO at Collective AIM Inc.
51 Barrie, Ontario
52Michele (Mike) Marrandino Michele (Mike) Marrandino
CEO at MLI Marble Lending Inc.
52 Vancouver, British Columbia
53 Diana Geppert
Founder & CEO at Altitude Assets
53 Edmonton, Alberta
54Pardeep Kaur Gill Pardeep Kaur Gill
Retail Sales Representative at L&J Binning Enterprises Ltd Canada
54 Surrey, British Columbia
55Rena Tabata Rena Tabata
Co-Founder & CEO at Think Tank Innovations Ltd. (ShareSmart)
55 Vancouver, British Columbia
56Helen Mellon Helen Mellon
Founder & CEO at All Road Tours & Charters
56 Winnipeg, Manitoba
57Richard Doyle Richard Doyle
President at CEO Focus Canada
57 Toronto, Ontario
58Tom DiFrancesco Tom DiFrancesco
CEO at Ambitious Capital & Consulting Canada Inc
58 Ottawa, Ontario
59Ameer Asghar Ameer Asghar
CEO at Werk Technologies Inc
59 Toronto, Ontario
60Richard White Richard White
CEO at Dariusunrise Professional IT Services Inc.
60 Edmonton, Alberta
61Jonathan Primeau Jonathan Primeau
Founder & CEO at CellArt
61 Montreal, Quebec
62Richard Bobrowski Richard Bobrowski
Vice President at Imperial Steel Products Ltd.
62 Winnipeg, Manitoba
63 Gary Whittingham
CEO at Canadian Car Club Corporation
63 Toronto, Ontario
64James Cody James Cody
Founder & CEO at Unique Consultant
64 Toronto, Ontario
65Lino Colavita Lino Colavita
Business Development Executive at Luxio Doors
65 Montreal, Quebec
66Philippe Meloni Philippe Meloni
Co-Founder & CEO at Innodirect
66 Montreal, Quebec
67Duane Lee Duane Lee
CEO at Vacation SafeGuard
67 Toronto, Ontario
68Brandon Houston Brandon Houston
CEO at Switch Video
68 Collingwood, Ontario
69Frank Godbout Frank Godbout
President at EffectiV HVAC Inc.
69 Montreal, Quebec
70Pier  Di Lorenzo Pier Di Lorenzo
Vice President at Halrai Inc
70 Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec
71Abdou Faye Abdou Faye
CEO at Heras Home Furniture Inc.
71 Burnaby, British Columbia
72Ben Estephan Ben Estephan
President at Inhouse-Support Inc.
72 Ottawa, Ontario
73Eric Marchuk Eric Marchuk
Owner at Marchuk Roofing
73 Calgary, Alberta
74 Eugene Lau
Managing Partner at Tracer Digital Ltd.
74 Richmond, British Columbia
75Allen Funston Allen Funston
Founder at Sentient Future Consulting
75 Vancouver, British Columbia
76Maya Warnock Maya Warnock
President at Excalibur ADHD Association
76 Halifax, Nova Scotia
77Steven Young Steven Young
Director at Garnet Instruments
77 Edmonton, Alberta
78Rayaaz Ali Rayaaz Ali
Director at Pharmacy Operations Consultant
78 Richmond, British Columbia
79Marc-Andy Henry Marc-Andy Henry
Owner at Myria Conseil
79 Montreal, Quebec
80Amol Vichare Amol Vichare
Managing Director at Stratik Consulting
80 Calgary, Alberta
81Benjamin Armani Benjamin Armani
CEO at
81 Toronto, Ontario
82Sara Follador Sara Follador
Business Consultant at 2PS
82 Montreal, Quebec
83Jordan Levy Jordan Levy
CEO at Computer & Electronic Toy Store
83 Toronto, Ontario
84 DIB Dhar
84 Toronto, Ontario
85 Francis Gosselin
CEO at 1drone1
85 Montreal, Quebec
86Katrina Mennell Katrina Mennell
Managing Director at CoreChair Inc.
86 Toronto, Ontario
87 William Law
Executive Vice President at Hub International insurance
87 Burnaby, British Columbia
88Stephen McGill Stephen McGill
President at McGill Buckley
88 Ottawa, Ontario
89 Joey Arnal
CEO at Ugly Brothers Flooring
89 Winnipeg, Manitoba
90Jeffrey B  Potofsky Esq Jeffrey B Potofsky Esq
CEO at Bye Bye Needle
90 Toronto, Ontario
91 Joseph Edward
91 London, Ontario
92Phil Renaud Phil Renaud
President at Trio Motors
92 Calgary, Alberta
93 Mike Elwood
Director at EVoCharge Inc.,
93 Toronto, Ontario
94Keyven Ferland Keyven Ferland
Founder & CEO at La Web Shop
94 Saguenay, Quebec
95Rob Evans Rob Evans
CEO at Backpacker College
95 Waterloo, Ontario
96 Usha Katyal
Owner at Kaydex Systems Ltd.
96 Edmonton, Alberta
97Mike Shuter Mike Shuter
Business Development Executive at Technicraft Product Design Inc
97 Collingwood, Ontario
98Bob McCulloch Bob McCulloch
Founder at Strategic Retreats Inc.
98 Huntsville, Ontario
99Stewart Sommers Stewart Sommers
99 Halifax, Nova Scotia
100Roger Sholanki Roger Sholanki
Founder & CEO at Book4Time
100 Markham, Ontario