England Manager Rankings

1 - 100

Name/Organization Rank City
1Neil Van Luven Neil Van Luven
Founder & CEO at Bretcrown Trading Ltd
1 London
2Douglas McManus Douglas McManus
CEO at Zinc Group Ltd
2 Coventry
3Kallina Doherty Kallina Doherty
Director at Centauri Relocations Ltd
3 Manchester
4Heath Waring Heath Waring
Director at Motivated Performance
4 Poole
5Viviana Mackinnon Viviana Mackinnon
Owner at PanelCraft UK Ltd.
5 Swindon
6Quentin Pain Quentin Pain
CEO at ProofMEDIA Ltd
6 Peterborough
7Guy Lamb-Hughes Guy Lamb-Hughes
Founder & CEO at GSP Planning Ltd
7 Swindon
8Vince Cable Vince Cable
Owner at Print Thinker - Print Management
8 Bournemouth
9Mark Seemann Mark Seemann
Founder & CEO at StaffCircle Ltd
9 Leicester
10Ashleigh Hawkes Ashleigh Hawkes
Owner at Hawkes Digital
10 Newcastle
11Robert Jan Teuwissen Robert Jan Teuwissen
CEO at Chelton Capital Limited
11 London
12Susie  James Susie James
Founder at Perceptual
12 Hull
13Christian  Shanahan Christian Shanahan
CEO at Employtec
13 Bristol
14Cleria Humphries Cleria Humphries
CEO at Vida Active Group CIC
14 Brighton
15Aaron Gilmore Aaron Gilmore
CEO at TreyBridge Accounts Services
15 Hull
16Andy Barton Andy Barton
CEO at Catalysica
16 Nottingham
17Esteban Tejedor Esteban Tejedor
Managing Director at Hola People (Atlas & Cosmos Ltd.)
17 Liverpool
18Danny Brand Danny Brand
Developer at Think Business Finance Limited
18 Chelmsford
19Taylor Gathercole Taylor Gathercole
Founder & CEO at Fox Studio
19 Norwich
20Larissa  Price Larissa Price
Owner at Lovelle Boutique
20 Manchester
21Jordan Nixon Jordan Nixon
Marketing Manager at SEEK Attire
21 Newcastle
22David Schulhof David Schulhof
Owner at Red Hot Penny
22 Wokingham
23Awais Ishaq Awais Ishaq
CEO at TechLeads Limited
23 Bradford
24Andy Murray Andy Murray
CEO at Action Media online
24 Liverpool
25Howard Barton Howard Barton
CEO at Barton Project Services Limited
25 Lytham Saint Annes
26Lee Jones Lee Jones
CEO at Co Dot Design
26 Liverpool
27Karl Semmence Karl Semmence
Owner at DJ Buzby
27 Colchester
28Tracy Wardle Tracy Wardle
Director at Abode Property Management
28 Manchester
29Will Hunt Will Hunt
Co-Founder at
29 Cambridge
30Mark Reid Mark Reid
Co-Founder at Hotovo UK Ltd
30 London
31Charles Hendricks Charles Hendricks
Owner at Hendricks Decorating
31 Oxford
32Brian Kearns Brian Kearns
Owner at Creative Freedom Design & Marketing
32 Manchester
33Peter Lench Peter Lench
Founder & CEO at Simplisys Ltd
33 Bristol
34Andrew  Patterson Andrew Patterson
Senior Manager at Sainsbury’s
34 Carlisle
35Karl Lapage Karl Lapage
Managing Director at Coach Direct Ltd
35 London
36Robert Rayner Robert Rayner
Manager at Leeds Pack And Send
36 Leeds
37Russell Green Russell Green
CEO at Ravens Wood Capital Limited
37 Manchester
38Solara A. A. Ali Solara A. A. Ali
CEO at Your Advisers Ltd
38 London
39Gavin Winter Gavin Winter
CEO at RapidSpike
39 Leeds
40Phil Husbands Phil Husbands
CEO at Saltare
40 London
41Mike Hide Mike Hide
Managing Director at Hides Fine Foods
41 Durham
42 Steven Hyde
Freelancer at iworksmarter
42 Colchester
43Maria White Maria White
Owner at Carpe Diem Recruitment & Training
43 Canterbury
44Giuseppe Milazzo Giuseppe Milazzo
Marketing Manager at The Allendale Group
44 Hoddesdon
45Eliane Yebkal Eliane Yebkal
Founder & CEO at Eliane Champagne
45 Aylesbury
46Ian Ellis Ian Ellis
Founder at Hampshire Business Finance
46 Southampton
47Deborah Whitaker Deborah Whitaker
Owner at MoBern Designs
47 Canterbury
48Stuart  Wilson Stuart Wilson
Director at Viewpoint Group
48 Chelmsford
49Paul Lymer Paul Lymer
Owner at Improve Marketing
49 Sudbury
50David Cummings David Cummings
Director at DaveCummingsLtd
50 Darlington
51Philip Cripps Philip Cripps
CEO at Thameside International
51 High Wycombe
52Bence Varga Bence Varga
CEO at Webellion
52 London
53Ian Innerd Ian Innerd
Owner at Identify Executive
53 Durham
54Stuart Hartley Stuart Hartley
Managing Director at Incrementa Consulting Limited
54 Leicester
55Ben Beasley Ben Beasley
Commercial Director at Circadian Trust
55 Bristol
56Steve Fourie Steve Fourie
Director at JLL
56 Bournemouth
57Stuart Wilson Stuart Wilson
Co-Founder & CEO at DosTwo Ltd
57 London
58Alistair Wickens Alistair Wickens
Founder & CEO at Goscombe Homes Limited
58 London
59David Fuschi David Fuschi
Founder & CEO at BRIDGING Consulting Ltd.
59 Reading
60Alex  Barclay Alex Barclay
Managing Director at FX ULTIMATE LTD
60 London
61Will O’Hara Will O’Hara
61 Bristol
62Ian Marsden Ian Marsden
CEO at Busy Fitness
62 Liverpool
63Humphrey Cox Humphrey Cox
CEO at Perpetuo Limited
63 London
64Debi  Richens Debi Richens
Founder at Berkshire Grandparents
64 Thatcham
65Carol Charlton Carol Charlton
Managing Director at Executype PA Limited
65 Newcastle
66Reece Pye Reece Pye
Founder at
66 Southampton
67Richard Dixon Richard Dixon
67 Blackpool
68Philip Mason Philip Mason
Owner at Advantage Web Designs
68 York
69Marcus Jones Marcus Jones
Founder & CEO at Benton-Jones Associates
69 Swindon
70 Jamie West
70 Bristol
71Christopher Ryan Christopher Ryan
Managing Director at Apex CB Financial Planning Ltd
71 Poole
72Alexander Skinner Alexander Skinner
Founder & CEO at Everest Embroidery & Print
72 Exeter
73Alessandra Sherman Alessandra Sherman
CEO at United Konsultants Ltd
73 Newbury
74James Davies James Davies
Managing Director at Childwise Research
74 Norwich
75 Richard Wood
CEO at Trendstore 1
75 Hull
76 Ihsan Elashhab
CEO at Swiser
76 London
77John McLaughlin-Mills John McLaughlin-Mills
Managing Director at Really Different Limited
77 Barnstaple
78Gordon Lines Gordon Lines
CEO at The Elite Coach Company
78 Birmingham
79Josh Harris Josh Harris
Founder at Doc2
79 Cambridge
80Debbie Cooper Debbie Cooper
CEO at Swanky Pins
80 Haverhill
81Lee Cassam Lee Cassam
Owner at Slide Remix
81 Ramsgate
82Grace Collyer Grace Collyer
Founder & CEO at Get Social With Grace
82 Bury St Edmunds
83Michelle Kelly Michelle Kelly
Marketing Manager at BIST Group
83 Bingley
84 Guy Procter
Founder & CEO at Engagement Cam
84 Bristol
85Nicolette Pearson Nicolette Pearson
CEO at Platinum Beauty Ltd
85 Gravesend
86Mark Schuler Mark Schuler
Director at Bristol & West F S ltd
86 Bristol
87Aidan Sanderson Aidan Sanderson
Owner at AB Decorators
87 Durham
88 Kendall Chew
Director at Osteopathy Works Ltd
88 Crewe
89Andrew Haigh Andrew Haigh
CEO at Sixfold International Ltd
89 Canterbury
90Mark Ambrose Mark Ambrose
Owner at Mod Radio
90 Durham
91Idrees Mohammed Idrees Mohammed
CEO at Team10 consulting group
91 Manchester
92Nainesh Patel Nainesh Patel
92 Leicester
93Radek Dufek Radek Dufek
Managing Director at Corestaff Solutions Ltd
93 Doncaster
94Andrew Taylor Andrew Taylor
Managing Director at Mashuni Ltd
94 Norwich
95 Omair Adnan
95 London
96Jon Iacomino Jon Iacomino
CEO at JRI Consultancy Limited
96 Exmouth
97Antony Knox-Hooke Antony Knox-Hooke
Director at Time Logistics Recruitment
97 London
98Keith Spencer Keith Spencer
CEO at First Call Accounting Ltd
98 Billericay
99André Santos André Santos
Business Development Manager at
99 Leeds
100Robert Ryan Robert Ryan
Sales Executive at 4x4 Accessories & Tyres LTD
100 Darlington