Florida Manager Rankings

1 - 100

Name/Organization Rank City
1Jay Sohan Jay Sohan
1 Fort Pierce
2Thomas Gunter Thomas Gunter
CEO at Billboard Brokers of America, LLC
2 Ocala
3Allen Witters Allen Witters
CEO at Gravitas Infinitum
3 Naples
4 Bradley Schalk
Director at VINYL VAULT
4 Sarasota
5Buddy Hooper Buddy Hooper
CEO at OrangeBee Money Global
5 Clearwater
6Mahir Abdi Mahir Abdi
Founder & CEO at Virtualstacks Systems
6 Lake Mary
7Kyle Gregory Kyle Gregory
Co-Founder & CEO at Give Back Nation
7 Lake Mary
8Sam Harris III Sam Harris III
President at Samjen
8 Tampa
9David Stieglitz David Stieglitz
President at Oasis Senior Advisors
9 Jacksonville
10Rich Missall Rich Missall
CEO at The Trailer Doc
10 Ocala
11Zachary Nagle Zachary Nagle
CEO at Restaurant Customer Creator
11 Bonita Springs
12Michael Forst Michael Forst
CEO at myAkuna LLC
12 Naples
13Christopher Holdridge Christopher Holdridge
Architect at Amgen
13 Tampa
14Drew Marino Drew Marino
Owner at Zoo Graphix Online
14 Fort Walton Beach
15Twinkle Singh Twinkle Singh
Account Manager at VAYUZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd
15 Fort Lauderdale
16Breanne Winter Breanne Winter
CEO at Speak Up Consulting & Coaching
16 Bonita Springs
17David Pierce David Pierce
CEO at Executive Landscaping Inc.
17 Pensacola
18Mark Lamplugh Mark Lamplugh
Chief Marketing Officer at Influence Media Solutions
18 Palm Beach
19Joseph Wendt Joseph Wendt
CEO at Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers
19 Naples
20Jean Pierre Jean Pierre
CEO at LifeCraft Financial Group
20 Fort Lauderdale
21Vera Anderson Vera Anderson
Founder & CEO at Global Elements Consulting
21 Tampa
22Dawn Scranton Dawn Scranton
CEO at
22 West Palm Beach
23Louis Feuer Louis Feuer
Founder & CEO at Dynamic Seminars & Consulting, Inc.
23 Fort Lauderdale
24Hegel  Boss Hegel Boss
CEO at Tampa Bay Admiring Home Care llc
24 Tampa
25Craig Morrison Craig Morrison
CEO at CMO Consulting Inc
25 Gainesville
26Pamela Russell Pamela Russell
CEO at Your Vision Writers
26 Orange Park
27Mary Curry Mary Curry
CEO at all in one shopping
27 Deltona
28Charles Davis Charles Davis
CEO at Behavioral Health Network Resources
28 Pompano Beach
29J Michael Ertel J Michael Ertel
Managing Director at Transworld M&A Advisors
29 Tampa
30Astrid Kowlessar Astrid Kowlessar
Director at Vezta & Co.
30 Miami
31Vladimir Lialine Vladimir Lialine
CEO at Twixsoft LLC
31 Miami
32Oliver Jake Oliver Jake
Marketing Director at Renovaten
32 Lake Mary
33Buddy Mason Buddy Mason
Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
33 Lakeland
34Guillermo Galindez Guillermo Galindez
CEO at Serrasalmus co.
34 West Palm Beach
35Ray Fanous Ray Fanous
Founder & CEO at XeoDev, Inc.
35 Orlando
36Dr. Larry G. Baratta Dr. Larry G. Baratta
President at World Wide Wound Care LLC
36 Miami
37Kevin and Nancy  Hyde Kevin and Nancy Hyde
Associate Broker at PB Grande - Parsley Baldwin Realty
37 Boca Grande
38Martin Berns Martin Berns
CEO at Loyalty Superstore
38 Deerfield Beach
39Renese Johnson Renese Johnson
CEO at Vanguard Leisure Consulting
39 Orlando
40Chester  Neace Chester Neace
President at Neace Builders, Inc.
40 Casselberry
41Rafael Jarauta Rafael Jarauta
Founder at
41 Miami
42Randy Mortensen Randy Mortensen
Managing Partner at Extreme Influence Inc.
42 Merritt Island
43Ron Hodgkinson Ron Hodgkinson
CEO at Ronald James Financial
43 Sarasota
44James Barretta James Barretta
CEO at Barretta & Associates
44 Delray Beach
45Michael DellaDonna Michael DellaDonna
CEO at Sunset Sports Pros
45 Sarasota
46Kevin Johnson Kevin Johnson
CEO at Johnson Public Relations
46 Pembroke Pines
47Susan Anthony Susan Anthony
CEO at The Profit Docotrs
47 Fort Myers
48Michael L  Chindamo Michael L Chindamo
Founder & CEO at Fautores Family Offices
48 Ormond Beach
49Eduardo  Vinocur Eduardo Vinocur
Managing Partner at Strat4biz LLC
49 Orlando
50 Bruce Chatterton
CEO at Global Med Airways Inc.
50 Orlando
51 Joe Littlejohn, Jr.
CEO at LinkBox Solutions LLC
51 Orlando
52Juan Aviles Juan Aviles
Founder & CEO at NextGen Home Realty LLC
52 Orlando
53Pepe Calderin Pepe Calderin
Founder & CEO at 246
53 Miami
54Shana Wise Shana Wise
Founder & CEO at Christian Women Preachers United
54 Middleburg
55 Jim Kohlmann
President at Paladin Associates
55 Orlando
56Ronald Meier Ronald Meier
President at e-northamerica inc.
56 Tampa
57Dave Chester Dave Chester
Managing Director at DGC Consultants
57 Naples
58Sabrina Kent Sabrina Kent
Founder & CEO at Vanessa's Essence Natural Hair Care
58 Orlando
59Lucky Grenier Lucky Grenier
Owner at Luckys concierge connection
59 Sarasota
60Leonard F.  Pierre Leonard F. Pierre
60 Fort Myers
61Alain  Alcala Alain Alcala
Managing Director at
61 Coral Springs
62Jason  Kubisiak Jason Kubisiak
CEO at Start to Finish Drafting
62 Sarasota
63Angela Jones Angela Jones
Owner at Jones Cleaning LLC
63 Defuniak Springs
64William Massey William Massey
64 Tallahassee
65David Severance David Severance
Founder at TheTax Gator LLC
65 Fort Walton Beach
66Kristen Estrada Kristen Estrada
Sales Executive at SAP Concur
66 Fort Lauderdale
67 Brandon Favano
Founder at Wise Guyz Marketing
67 Navarre
68 Kevin DiCarlo
CEO at Circle 22
68 Orlando
69Sophia Veil Sophia Veil
Founder at BizLounge
69 Pensacola
70Peter Briel Peter Briel
70 Miami
71Basharat Javed Basharat Javed
Marketar at Action Physical Therapy
71 West Palm Beach
72Joe Kendall Joe Kendall
Broker at Keller Williams of Fort Myers & The Islands
72 Fort Myers
73Cole Ferguson Cole Ferguson
Founder & CEO at Five Pence Marketing
73 Jacksonville
74Deborah Northrup Kimery Deborah Northrup Kimery
Founder at Vasayo
74 Jacksonville
75 Gregory Horne
President at G &L Masonry Inc
75 Brandon
76John Sarmie John Sarmie
CEO at little eLeague
76 Jacksonville
77 Juan Cabada
CEO at Miami Epic Realty LLC
77 Alachua
78Ronald Overs Ronald Overs
President at ACI Development Corporation
78 Ponte Vedra
79Tony V Iaquinto Tony V Iaquinto
President at Commit to be Fit Inc.
79 Jacksonville
80David Mathena David Mathena
CEO at Archangel Security, LLC
80 Santa Rosa Beach
81 Christopher Johnson
General Manager at Taco
81 West Palm Beach
82Tina Wilson Tina Wilson
General Manager at The MGHerring Group
82 Ocala
83Scott Sharon Scott Sharon
83 Naples
84Brandon Keating Brandon Keating
Founder & CEO at Keatings Communications
84 Jacksonville
85Tara Higgs Tara Higgs
CEO at 2 a T LLC
85 Ormond Beach
86 Jeffrey Whitmer
CEO at DPS Dynamic Painting Systems
86 Daytona Beach
87 Burt Kempner
Founder & CEO at Wild Mild Media
87 Gainesville
88 Joshua George
Owner at Realty Connections LLC.
88 Pensacola
89Edward Rodgers Edward Rodgers
Managing Partner at The Alkebulan Kemetic Experience
89 Jacksonville
90Brian Martin Brian Martin
CEO at D&G Society
90 Naples
91Darryl A. Barrs Darryl A. Barrs
Founder & CEO at Program Success Magazine
91 Daytona Beach
92 Brian J. McGinn
CEO at Complete Small Business Solutions
92 Sarasota
93Dan Watnem Dan Watnem
General Manager at Excelsior Beach to Bay Condominiums
93 Sarasota
94Eric Robinson Eric Robinson
CEO at StackhouseRecords
94 Pensacola
95Orlando Masso Orlando Masso
Founder at BlyndSide Media
95 West Palm Beach
96 James Zayak
Owner at J&J Surface Restoration Specialists
96 West Palm Beach
97Franklyn Peart Franklyn Peart
Founder at Gladinet Inc
97 Fort Lauderdale
98Mike Burgelin Mike Burgelin
98 Gainesville
99David Tomczak David Tomczak
Managing Director at Duran Golf Club
99 Melbourne
100Rochelle  Mathews Rochelle Mathews
CEO at The Calm Palm Wellness Center LLC
100 Land O Lakes