Michigan Manager Rankings


Name/Organization Rank City
1 Amy McCauley
Director at Experis US, Inc.
1 Detroit
2Steven Lepsetz Steven Lepsetz
CEO at Farquharson, Pointon & Lepsetz
2 Detroit
3Mark Gruell Mark Gruell
CEO at Herbal Weight Loss & Nutrition
3 East Lansing
4Ryan Schaub Ryan Schaub
Founder & CEO at Today We Bloom
4 Traverse City
5David Taraszkiewicz David Taraszkiewicz
CEO at DMT Products and Services
5 Ypsilanti
6Deandre  Jones Deandre Jones
Co-Founder & CEO at Rose Astroid Co.
6 Grand Rapids
7Richard Perreault Richard Perreault
CEO at Garda Associates llc
7 Grand Rapids
8 Naeem Mirza
Owner at First Class Airport Sedan
8 Ann Arbor
9Douglas Merta Douglas Merta
President at Creative house
9 Detroit
10David Fox David Fox
President at Spider Marketing Group
10 Grand Rapids
11Jay Hawreluk Jay Hawreluk
CEO at AcuMax Index
11 Dearborn
12Matt Kavanaugh Matt Kavanaugh
CEO at Validu
12 Washington
13 Bruce Johnson
CEO at Creative Magnets
13 Kalamazoo
14Mike Sparks Mike Sparks
Owner at Smart Gear
14 Olivet
15Alexandria Degree Alexandria Degree
Founder & CEO at AskDegree LLC
15 Detroit
16Patrick Bisher Patrick Bisher
Owner at Bisher Consulting
16 East Lansing
17Kimberly  Mills Kimberly Mills
CEO at S&P Advisor Group
17 Fenton
18Aurore Henze Aurore Henze
Founder & CEO at Health Star Media
18 Birmingham
19John Bukowicz John Bukowicz
President at CCA & LIASE
19 Bloomfield Hills
20Matt Utley Matt Utley
President at Great Lakes Filters
20 Grosse Pointe
21 Laura Sigmon
CEO at Best Practices Consulting Services, LLC
21 Detroit
22Dale Krueger Dale Krueger
CEO at Tangible Assets llc
22 Bay City
23 Carter Mazur
CEO at
23 Detroit
24 Wayne Stegeman
Co-Founder & CEO at SW Michigan Properties, LLC
24 Kalamazoo
25Walter Ward Walter Ward
CEO at Wards Home Imlrovements
25 Portage
26 Jean Kordenbrock
CEO at Campaign Finance Resources, LLC
26 East Lansing
27 Kevin Miller
President at Kevin Miller Financial Services
27 East Lansing
28 Brian Town
CEO at Michigan Creative
28 East Lansing
29 Raymond McCoy
CEO at RM International Resorce Group LTD
29 Port Huron
30 Herbert Persons
Owner at Persons Auto Repair
30 Kalamazoo
31 Joe Sovis
Vice President at Matrix Consulting Engineers, Inc
31 East Lansing
32 Gary Scheitler
Founder & CEO at Paradise Properties USA
32 Ann Arbor
33 Chuck Stevens
CEO at A Sales Company
33 Grand Rapids
34 Will Todd
Director at Interim Healthcare Services
34 Grand Rapids
35 John Ferry
CEO at Kazoo Audio
35 Kalamazoo
36 Marty Petrill
CEO at Sure Flow Products
36 Wixom
37 Kerry Williams
Owner at Buildall Installations Inc
37 Lincoln Park
38 John Meeske
CEO at The Resort Experiences Company
38 Bellaire
39 David Klink
CEO at 4Time Productions
39 Kalamazoo
40 Paul Tangora
Owner at Marquette Design Group
40 Marquette
41 Joseph Stetson
Co-Founder & CEO at
41 Bay City
42 George Scott
President at Business Consulting Services
42 Lansing
43 Thu Schoenberg
Owner at Rutherford and Associates
43 Holland
44 Josh Schaeffer
Founder & CEO at The Master Mixes
44 Clare
45 Sam James
Director at Select Medical
45 Detroit
46 Ivan Assenov
Founder at Scale Campaign LLC
46 Wyoming
47 Rob Atkins
Founder & CEO at You Pass Universe LLC.
47 Ann Arbor
48 Aaron O Richardson
CEO at Evangel Ministries Economic Restoration Group
48 Southfield
49 Bill Frederick
Founder at FHS Associates
49 Ann Arbor