Richard Doyle

Richard Doyle

President at CEO Focus Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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My goal in the last year was to become an expert in Social Selling. I have found that in order to grow, we must always be prepared to learn. As a life long sales person and learner, I wanted to understand and embrace the new world of Social Selling. I don't mean buying ads or generating PPC, but creating an on-line profile that generates inbound connections, so that I can engage with others with similar passion.

I have heard so many times that Social platforms are for the young and only they understand and know how to use the various platforms. Well, I am living proof that if you want to learn and keep an open mind, it is never too late to learn anything.

The motivation from this new learning has enabled me to get up every morning because I love what I do everyday. I have the opportunity to listen to people and learn from them. Isn't life great!!!