Richard White

Richard White

CEO at Dariusunrise Professional IT Services Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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My name is Richard White, and I have worked in the Information Technology area for over 40 years, as an employee, a contractor and finally as a Business owner. I worked in various industries and various software platforms, and I received multiple awards for my work. . Dariusunrise Professional IT Services Inc., began in February 2014. When I started the company, I was the sole contractor, providing IT Services to mid-sized companies in areas of Hardware, software, installations, security, software and database design, system performance, and general IT support, including on-call. Over the last few years we have changed our focus to build a team of Contractors with expert skills in various areas of IT and provide a one-stop-shop for Clients to get the people they are looking for for any IT project and get it done by experts.