Rui Veloso

Rui Veloso

Founder & CEO at ADAPTEYE + arquitectura
Porto, Portugal
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Adapteye is involved in Oporto, being an architecture office that has more than a decade of experience with its mentor Rui Veloso.
This new brand has as main focus the consulting, studies and projects in the area of architecture, urbanism and rehabilitation (housing, services, health, tourism, industry, hotels, educational and others).
Adapteye's fundamental approach is based on a creative, functional and responsible process thought by people to people. We aim to create, innovate and tailor solutions tailored to customer needs, working closely with the public and the end customer, always aiming at excellence and exceeding expectations.
Adapteye sees a greater involvement and focus mainly on the area of tourism, which is a booming sector with a huge margin of progress that greatly contributes to the growth and development of the country (Portugal).


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