Selwyn Madya

Co-Founder & CEO at Redskies Corporation
Harare, Zimbabwe

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Hello, I am Selwyn, leader for this great entity. New from this world of business. The journey has not been easy. A lot of determined mindset, failures, sleepless nights and rejection. This year 2019, is going to mark our first business partnership. i put all in the hands of the lord for all to happen. I am happy to be involved with anything happening in this sector. Pushing standards never been done before. Working together as one.

i have no fancy education i just have a leadership skill with me and a good hunch to find the right people for the job. We have devised a lot of organisational structures and adopt to work in virtual working conditions and also to let our employees book for working hours. As we had a feasible report on it. It has been proven to be successful in dealing with human resources management far more better than current standards in that sector.
Currently work on to go into property and investment banking, telecom using drones with A.I and, renewable energy.


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