Sousana Patsoumi-Kalfa

Managing Partner at A.TL.AS Consulting P.C.
Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece
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Sousana is Chief Value Officer and Co- Founder of A.TL.AS Consulting- a second generation company (47 years in Greek Market) that is the first One Stop Tax and Business Solutions in Greece that provides all the necessary services and solutions in order to start, run and grow your business in Greece.
She is responsible of the Business Development and also for the Public Affairs of the company.
She has been fostering and building businesses for 20 years.
She helps startups & established companies to grow, innovate and sustain. Sousana approaches business holistically and organically, breathing life then guiding the first steps until it truly runs on its own legs.
Sousana’s business consultancy guides SMEs through financial planning, business modelling, corporate planning, business development and culture development so that they can get on with doing business.


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