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Steve King

Steve King

CEO at UberConnectForce, LLC
Los Gatos, California, United States
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~ Sales and Marketing Technology Founder and Startup Executive
~ 9 Startups across a broad variety of industry sectors including Sales Acceleration, Cybersecurity, Data Security, Data Warehousing, Crowdfunding, P2P Lending, Managed Services, Image and Content Management, Digital Media and Advertising, and Knowledge Management.
~Background in Software Engineering and CTO
~ Repeatable success based on the simple principle of customer empathy and focus on the customer, their problem and not on my company, product, service or solution.
~ Raised over $40 million in VC
~ Multiple successful exits through acquisitions
~ Multiple patents issued encompassing Remote Access MFA Authentication Method Using Adaptive Machine Learning, an Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence Network Platform, an Architecture for an IoT Cyber-Risk Platform, a Contextual Semantic Search Architecture , Web-enabled Multimedia Audio Transfers, and Database Smart Query Processing.
~BS/MS Psychology