Tea Latvala

Tea Latvala

Founder & CEO at TEATIAMO Industries
Rovaniemi, Lappi, Finland
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Tea graduated from Helsinki University of Art and Design in 2007 and that is where she found her interest to future research and trends. Her master thesis topic was already then groundbreaking and appealing; examining the surfaces of creativity and madness. This project ended up to be a personal journey to identify her power to question things and prevailing surroundings; reality and fiction. She graduated with a final grade 5/5 and her professor recommended her to pursue her career as an Art Director.

Thereafter, she collected her practical knowhow while working 7 years in total as an Art Director and even though she learned a lot she realised that she had so much more to give; she had a passion to create something new and meaningful.

Tea Latvala is the Founder and CEO of the startup called TEATIAMO. It was born out of an urge to break boundaries related to sexuality and at the same time design something timeless and beautiful. Sex should be elegant, sensual and natural born right.


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