Tom Grbich

Tom Grbich

President at Leading for Success
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Tom studied Electronics in the military – working on a variety of radio, radar & missile guidance systems then moved on to become a Senior Executive & Consultant with more than 33 years of success in Telecommunications, Consumer/industrial electronics, Technology, Oil, Computing, and Electronic Security.

Excellling at Executive coaching & training, Leadership development, Team & Relationship building, Sales, Sales management, public speaking &much more, Tom has been rated in the Top 1% in the world in Sales, & the Top 20% in the world in Leadership (by the Kouzes & Posner Leadership Inventory Rating System).

He says, “If you want to be the best you can be as an individual or in business, you have to know what makes you “different” - not for the SAKE of being different, but because it MATTERS.” He prefers to work with those people (& companies) that have no INTEREST in being “part of the competition” – their definable Intent is to BE the competition!


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