Tracy  Macmillan

Tracy Macmillan

CEO at Suki Boy
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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I am a graduate of both Graphic Design and Fashion Design. Having worked within the design industry for many years, it was my dream to establish my own fashion label.

Whilst utilising my own entrepeneurial skills and intensive creative experience, I merged both disciplines of design and fashion to create the brand Suki Boy. The unique, bold, patterned prints are creating wearable pieces of art for the confident fashionista's ensemble.

I am looking to build the brand globally and I will welcome any comments and opportunities to help me in this quest. The garments are for men and women in a variety of extra small and extra large sizing. There is a manufacturer in place and currently my designs are made to order with a turnaround of 2-3 days delivery in the UK. Global and wholesale deliveries are also available at request.


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