Vincenzo Ingarao

Vincenzo Ingarao

Founder & CEO at EVO8 Consulting & Coaching
Firenze, Tuscany, Italy
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EVO8 was born as Empower Training Group in 2008 from an idea of ​​Vincenzo Ingarao, CEO and Founder as well as PNL Trainer, NLP Repatterinng & NHR Master Trainer and Senior Coach. His training covers more than 20 years of studies and experimentation, from 1996 to date, with a NLP Coaching Certificate and an NLP Trainer Certificate obtained at the NLP Academy of Richard Bandler, founder of NLP, and several other certifications in the field of Human Sciences. EVO8 is therefore a young but fresh and dynamic, competent and whose people have been formed by the world's greatest Trainer known today.

Leader in the corporate training sector, EVO8 Srl deals with the training of human resources both in large companies and in the SME sector, also supporting complex value chains such as GDO. The commitment of EVO8 has always been to bring out the maximum potential to human resources and company structures, thus obtaining important results in terms of quality and economic.


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