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Viviana Mackinnon

Viviana Mackinnon

Owner at PanelCraft UK Ltd.
Swindon, England, United Kingdom
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Co-founder / co-director of PanelCraft UK Ltd. in Swindon. My husband & I started out a company which specialises in Aluminium and structural aluminium paint & body repair for high end vehicles. This was the result of our passion for super cars; we wanted to own a specialised business as a destination rather a conventional 'bodyshop'. PCUK has direct relationships and approvals from car manufacturers like TESLA, AUDI, Jaguar Land Rover, Ferrari/Maserati, Mitsubushi. Our vision is to be recognised as the best for aluminium and structural aluminium repairs in our region and further afield. My job is to manage and lead our staff and customers to achieve this vision, developing our strategy as we change and adapt to achieve our aim together. My education: baccalaureate degree at Bennett School in Cali, Colombia; a BA in Business & Enterprise, plus an MSc in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Edinburgh Napier University. I am at my best self when I am coaching, leading, learning and achieving.


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