Wael Chanab

Wael Chanab

President at IMAGINE360
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Waël is the president and cofounder of Imagine360, an award winning Montreal based immersive marketing and interactive media firm, established in the domain since 2012. His passion for innovation and storytelling has led him and his company to produce over 100+ high-end turnkey Virtual Reality experiences (VR), Augmented Reality projects (AR), Mixed reality experiences (MR), integrating virtual tours, 360 videos, creation of VR/AR apps, photogrammetry scans, 360 HDRi, virtual galleries, aerial videos and VR real-time rendering compatible with all the latest virtual reality headsets.

Driven to create what always seemed impossible, Waël enjoys tackling the most challenging questions in areas that he is passionate about. With a major in physics, philosophy, multidisciplinary science, and experience while working Hollywood in experiential, online and digital marketing, he masters some of the most up-to-date immersive technologies. He believes that to really understand something, you need


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