Zarinah Hameen

Zarinah Hameen

CEO at Internet Marketing Footprints
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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I'm the CEO of the award-winning company, Internet Marketing Footprints and as its leader, was recently named "Marketing and Advertising CEO of the Year" by CV Magazine for 2017. The company was also nominated for a 2017 WeWork Creator award for innovation and was just named a 2018 Grant Recipient for the Grow with Google Challenge Program.

Earlier this year, I wrapped up working with the SuperBowl Committee during the SuperBowl 10 day events in Minneapolis where I provided technical, marketing and branding support. My partners include Google, Microsoft, The General Assembly to name a few and I'm Google AdWords and Analytics certified with expertise in SEO and PPC. I'm also a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

I have over 13 years of extensive experience in business/product development with expertise in grants management, business, marketing planning, investor relations, web design, software engineering, product development, database programming, mobile application creation.